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May 6, 2011

DailyShopper Program Gets Noticed at United Fresh

Total Access, Supermarket News

by Matthew Enis | May 4, 2011

"HarvestMark, the electronic traceability provider, invited me to their booth to discuss their new DailyShopper program, which monitors the visual quality of produce items at retail, monitors the amount of time that it takes items to get from the field to retail, and correlates store location and harvesting and packing data with product quality and freshness information.

"Existing HarvestMark customers can opt in to the program, allowing a team of HarvestMark’s auditors to scan their products and collect this data at retail. It’s another example of how traceability solutions don’t have to be exclusively about food safety and recalls. This offers the ability to monitor how product quality and shelf-life is impacted when a fruit or vegetable is transported to different regions of the country.

" 'If we can deliver a business value … [traceability] is not a cost, it’s an investment,' explained Scott Carr, president and CEO of HarvestMark.

"In addition, HarvestMark recently announced that it would no longer charge per-case fees for its basic Produce Traceability Initiative-compliant labeling system, and would instead only charge for its hardware bundles, starting at $3,250, and an annual platform fee."

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