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January 1, 1900

FRESH FOOD: Produce: Tracking the Transition to Traceability

CINNCINATI ? Kroger has teamed with HarvestMark, a food traceability system from HarvestMark,Sunnyvale,CA., to offer customers easy access to information on where the retailer's new line of private label fresh salads wasgrown as part of Kroger's "Quality You Can Trace" program.Each pre-washed, ready-to-serve bag of salad is priced from $.99 to $4.99, depending on the variety and the market,and carries a 16-digit code that shoppers can enter at to learn more about the salad's origin,packing location, ingredients, date and time the product was packed. Customers can also offer their feedback on theproduct."We are now working with the nation's largest traditional grocery retailer to bring traceability to consumers across thecountry and help respond to consumer's growing demands for more information about the food they buy at the store.