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April 7, 2011

HarvestMark Brings Food Tracing Technology to Salinas


by Dennis Taylor | April 6, 2011

"A fast-growing maker of food traceability technology has opened a Salinas office to serve existing and new customers in the Salinas Valley.

"HarvestMark is a company offering a combination of hardware and software that enables the commercial agriculture industry, as well as consumers, to quickly trace the origin of food at any point in the supply chain that is using the HarvestMark coding technology.

"HarvestMark is one business unit of HarvestMark Inc., a Sunnyvale-based technology company.

"For consumers, the HarvestMark code on the food package enables them to instantly track the geographic origin and the date the produce was harvested — even while they are doing their shopping.

"For growers and shippers, HarvestMark enables them to track how long it takes their produce to reach retail shelves after it has been harvested — ensuring their brand names are well-represented in the minds of consumers.

"Both applications can be accessed by going to, and it has just developed a new iPhone app that allows consumers to use their iPhones to photograph the code on the food package and immediately discover where and when that box of berries or bunch of broccoli were harvested.

"The same application is coming out soon for smartphones with an Android-based operating system, said J. Scott Carr, HarvestMark's chief executive officer."

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