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September 20, 2010

HarvestMark Featured in The Oregonian

The Oregonian
by Katherine Miller | September 14, 2010

On Our iPhones

For locavores who want to get even closer to their food there's a new iPhone app called HarvestMark, which offers a free and easy way to trace food right at the market.

Just scan the HarvestMark logo on your produce item (or enter the code at and you'll instantly receive information that includes where the product was grown, when it was harvested and whether it's subject to a recall.

You can also get pictures of the farm or the story behind the farmer, give feedback about the product, and find nutrition information and recipes.

Nearly 2,000 farms of all sizes — from small mom-and-pop growers to large-scale growers — have adopted HarvestMark traceability. To signup, go to