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October 24, 2008

Driscoll's Completes Key Milestones in Clamshell Traceability Program

HarvestMark completes supply chain and harvesting integration steps - paving the way for nationwide rollout of HarvestMark® for Driscoll's berries

Orlando, Fla. - October 24, 2008 - HarvestMark, Inc., a leader in product traceability authentication and marketing solutions, today announced that is has completed key milestones in its project with Driscoll's to deploy item-level traceability for berries sold in North America. Driscoll's is a family-owned and -operated company offering premium quality fresh organic and non-organic strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

The traceability initiative is set to roll into production beginning November 2008. Packaging suppliers have become HarvestMark ReadyT, positioning them to deliver on Driscoll's orders for traceable clamshells. Integration with harvest and distribution processes across Driscoll's growing regions has proceeded on schedule. Today, Driscoll's berries are traceable to the tray level. With the deployment of HarvestMark, Driscoll's - together with its independent farmer partners - will roll out traceability at the individual clamshell level. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries sold in North America will be traceable as each region begins to grow fruit during the next 12 months. Traceability for blueberries will be rolled out during Phase Two, which will take place during the next 18-36 months.

This initiative will make it possible to tell the story of each individual package of Driscoll's berries through a unique HarvestMark code printed on the label of each clamshell. On-demand access to traceability will be a new food safety tool for Driscoll's customers and for berry consumers who want to know more about the food they purchase, and connect to Driscoll's and the independent farmers who grow their berries.

"Food safety is an utmost priority in our berry-growing operations, and clamshell-level traceability is a natural extension to our existing initiatives to ensure the integrity, consistency and quality of our products and services," said Miles Reiter, Chairman and CEO of Driscoll's. "We have completed multiple field trials of HarvestMark and are looking forward to delivering a complete traceability program across our supplier network, our customers and berry consumers."

The HarvestMark solution gives cases, trays, and pallets a unique identity that links to harvest, packing, and supply chain information. The HarvestMark portal provides instant trace-back, and easy access to distribution, quality, and food safety information. Using HarvestMark Codes consumers will be able to access traceability information at home via the web. Grower, packers and shippers can use the HarvestMark solution to offer enhanced traceability and supply chain management services to its retail buyers - further differentiating their products and customer service.

"Driscoll's progressive stance on food safety and its commitment to new and emerging technology innovations reflect their thorough work and investment in a successful field testing of HarvestMark," said J. Scott Carr, president and CEO, HarvestMark. "We are excited to continue the partnership and help Driscoll's enhance communications, continually improve safety practices, and generate new business value through the deployment of HarvestMark."

Designed for field- or line-packed produce, HarvestMark is a complete traceability solution. It accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open-platform for seamless integration with existing systems. HarvestMark is compliant with the GS1 and PMA Traceability Guidelines, and supports a wide range of packaging formats making it quick to deploy with no interruption to business operations.

To learn more about HarvestMark, visit or call 1-866-76-TRUST (or +1.650.264.6200).

About Driscoll's
Driscoll's is a third generation, family-owned and -operated fresh berry company. As the world's leading berry company, Driscoll's uses natural breeding methods to create plant varieties that produce The Finest Berries in the World®. Driscoll's mission is to Continually Delight Berry Consumers. Our conventional and organic strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are grown by independent farmers around the globe, and are available year round.

About HarvestMark, Inc.
HarvestMark, Inc. provides the most secure and simple to deploy unit-level brand security and real-time channel intelligence solution in the market. HarvestMark's powerful technology platform delivers effective product authentication and traceability to help brand owners increase consumer trust, build new levels of channel intelligence, and drive sales. HarvestMark®, the fresh food traceability solution from HarvestMark, speeds response to suspected recall events, and delivers valuable product information and marketing programs across the supply chain, all the way to the consumer.

HarvestMark's security codes are now protecting millions of dollars of branded goods. Leading companies in the fresh produce, electronics, and consumers packaged goods industries rely on HarvestMark to increase security in the channel and inspire trust in their brands.

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