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October 15, 2010

HarvestMark® Launches DailyShopper™ Service to Monitor Product Age and Quality on Shelf

Groundbreaking data service delivers unprecedented quality and freshness insights

Trimble, Sunnyvale, CA. – October 15, 2010 – HarvestMark, Inc., the leader in traceability and authentication solutions, today launched a HarvestMark service that brings new insights to its customers about product age and quality.  The service, called HarvestMark DailyShopper, captures product age and appearance metrics at the retail shelf and delivers those insights back to the grower/shipper to help optimize quality and freshness.

HarvestMark associates scan HarvestMark-coded produce items at retail.  With each scan, the associate records the product age and a structured commodity-specific appearance score.  This information is analyzed at and delivered to the producer in reports on age and quality metrics, trended by time and mapped by geographic location.  The data can be correlated to key production data, such as ranch, variety and growing method, to provide critical and valuable feedback to help optimize product quality and freshness.

The HarvestMark DailyShopper service began operation this month across the US.  First reports will be available to customers in November.  HarvestMark customers need only opt-in to the program to begin receiving this data as part of their current HarvestMark program.  

“With the introduction of the DailyShopper service, our customers will now have unprecedented insights into key quality and freshness metrics,” said J. Scott Carr, President and CEO, HarvestMark.  “With DailyShopper, the food safety and consumer engagement value of item-level traceability has taken another leap forward by linking harvest data with edge-of-shelf data to enhance product quality programs.  We look forward to delivering this service and continuing to build exciting features on the HarvestMark platform.”

The program will initially cover 17 of the top 20 US retail markets.  Quality samples are taken at random on traceable items found at retail.  The HarvestMark team will be contacting customers at the end of October to invite them to opt-in to the program.  Further, customers can contact the HarvestMark team to create tailored data capture programs to increase specific sampling rates, target specific geographies, and support their product launches and other business initiatives.

About HarvestMark, Inc.

HarvestMark, Inc. specializes in product traceability and authentication solutions that deliver valuable business intelligence when and where it’s needed.  Leading companies in the fresh foods, electronics and consumer goods industries rely on HarvestMark’s robust traceability platform to conduct precise trace back, enhance communication and increase security in their supply chain.

HarvestMark®, the fresh food platform from HarvestMark, is the industry’s leading traceability solution.  To date, over 1.75 billion produce packages have been enabled with HarvestMark codes to speed response to suspected food safety events, monitor quality and freshness throughout the supply chain, and earn consumer preference.  Designed for field- and line-packed produce, HarvestMark offers a complete suite of traceability solutions, including case and item-level.  It accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open platform for seamless integration with existing systems and with no interruption to business operations.

HarvestMark is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.  More information can be found at and or call 1-866-76-TRUST (or +1.650.264.6200)