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January 13, 2011

HarvestMark® Traceability Solution Selected by A.M.S. Exotic

HarvestMark Traceability to Begin Appearing on Premium Vegetables This Month

Trimble, Sunnyvale, CA. – January 13, 2011 – HarvestMark, Inc., the leader in traceability and authentication solutions, today announced that A.M.S. Exotic, LLC., a leading distributor of premium fruit and vegetables has selected HarvestMark for its item-level traceability program.

"A.M.S. Exotic is known for delivering the highest quality premium vegetables and expanding category sales with product and packaging innovation," said Scott Lehmann, Director of Sales & Marketing at A.M.S. Exotic. "The HarvestMark item-level traceability solution is a key element of our quality program because it provides instant access to harvest and food safety information for our retail customers and for shoppers."

Starting this month, retail customers and shoppers will be able trace vegetables under the Earth Exotics brand or private label vegetables supplied by A.M.S. Exotic at or using the new HarvestMark iPhone App, to get instant food safety status and learn more about where, when, and how their vegetables were grown. In addition, HarvestMark item-level traceability allows A.M.S. Exotic to measure quality at home with consumer ratings, and age and appearance on the retail shelf through the HarvestMark DailyShopper service.

"We’re pleased to support A.M.S. Exotic's continued commitment to innovation, quality, and food safety,".  "A.M.S. Exotic's partnership with HarvestMark delivers unparalleled insight into quality, and opens the door to powerful new connections with retail customers and consumers."

About A.M.S. Exotic, LLC.

Founded in the early 1990’s, A.M.S. Exotic is known for providing unparalleled quality to its customers, as well as innovating to grow category sales of premium vegetables. In 2004, the company launched the Earth Exotics line of baby premium vegetables to retail, including baby zucchini, baby squash, sugar snap peas, and green beans. They offer a large variety, year-round, of premium baby vegetables from A to Z, asparagus to zucchini. This year they added a 16 oz. family size package to their line-up of convenient, microwave-in-bag products. To learn more, visit

About HarvestMark, Inc.

HarvestMark®, the fresh food platform from HarvestMark, is the industry’s leading traceability solution. To date, over 2 billion packages have been enabled with HarvestMark codes to speed response to suspected food safety events, monitor quality and freshness throughout the supply chain, and earn consumer preference. Designed for field- and line-packed fresh food, HarvestMark offers a complete suite of traceability solutions including case and item-level. It accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open platform for seamless integration with existing systems and with no interruption to business operations.

HarvestMark, Inc. specializes in product traceability and authentication solutions that deliver valuable business intelligence when and where it’s needed. Leading companies in the fresh foods, electronics and consumer goods industries rely on HarvestMark’s robust traceability platform to conduct precise trace back, enhance communication, and increase security in their supply chain.

HarvestMark is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. More information can be found at or call 1-866-76-TRUST (or +1.650.264.6200)