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Do QR Codes REALLY Drive Shopper Engagement?

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June 2012: Do QR Codes REALLY Drive Shopper Engagement?

Do QR Codes REALLY Drive Shopper Engagement?

There’s been a lot of discussion about QR Codes in the produce industry recently.  Some people think that QR Codes are a ridiculous fad (remember CueCat?  No?  Most of us don’t either.) Others predict that scanning QR codes will become a daily fixture in our lives, like checking email and Facebook.

The evidence points strongly that QR codes are here to stay.  This month, over 50% of Americans will have smart phones.  In a single quarter of 2011,  20.1 million shoppers scanned a QR code.  The top location?  44% of consumers scanned from a retail store, primarily to get more information about a product or service.

We know statistics can be misleading, so we thought we’d share some real-world examples from HarvestMark customers.  We’ve added QR Codes to millions of produce items, making them traceable – and most importantly engaging for shoppers.  Here are a few results:

  • One HarvestMark customer incorporated a HarvestMark QR code on their label with no call out, no incentive, and no additional marketing support.  In the first 4 weeks, 3,000 shoppers scanned the QR Code to find out more about the product.
  • Frontera Produce leveraged a HarvestMark QR code to run a cause marketing campaign that integrated with their Facebook profile. In less than 2 months they doubled their number of Facebook friends.
  • One of our customers has had the QR code on their packaging scanned by over 82,000 shoppers to date.

If you want to find out how HarvestMark can drive real brand engagement while avoiding the common pitfalls of QR code marketing contact our marketing team to set up a complimentary chat.

If you’re a current HarvestMark customer and would like to enhance your program with QR codes, contact our support team at support@harvestmark.com.  We’ll work with your label printer to make the transition seamless.


The PTI Compliance Survey- PTI Has Gone Mainstream

Speaking of surveys, the Produce Traceability Initiative leadership conducted an important survey to see how many growers and shippers have met the PTI milestones, and what the plans are of those who haven’t yet complied.  While the report highlighted good momentum and high rates of GTIN creation, it didn’t specifically report the percentage of shippers that are shipping PTI compliant cases today. Since we’re a data-driven company, we thought we’d try to find out.

We conducted our own in-market study to estimate what percentage of the produce industry is actually shipping cases with PTI-compliant labels at the end of Q1, 2012.  Here’s what we found:


Some observations from this data:

Non-US suppliers were well-represented (Mexican, Canadian and tropical suppliers were more likely to have implemented PTI) – likely because importers are anxious to meet anticipated US-buyers requirements, and due to seasonal effects (in the case of tomatoes and peppers from Mexico).

Citrus was very well-represented.   Along with tree fruit, it appears these packers have been able to upgrade their pack lines to include PTI information. (See the Sun Pacific Announcement.)

Most labels met the industry guidelines for barcode size and format (GTIN/LOT), but the Voice Pick Code was often missing and sometimes calculated wrong (you can check you’re calculating it right, here).

So what?

According to traditional technology adoption thinking, this means that PTI has “crossed the chasm” … meaning that it’s not just the early adopters now who have implemented PTI, but the initiative has gone mainstream.  The chart below (called the Rogers Bell Curve) shows that because it looks like 20-30% of suppliers have implemented PTI, then the industry is moving through the early majority adoption.