Receive Right, Sell Well

HarvestMark DC Insights enables you to receive the productquality you want

Fresh, quality produce directly affects store performance. 72% of shoppers say they choose their grocery store based on the quality in the produce aisle, and they spend more when the produce is fresh. Many retailers however have inconsistent, manually intensive, and subjective receiving practices and end up throwing out or marking down product they accepted.


HarvestMark DC Insights provides you a simple, yet powerful tool to automate receiving practices, standardize across locations, improve record-keeping and supplier benchmarking, and provide better feedback to your suppliers. Harness the power of data to improve your shopper satisfaction while reducing shrink.


Our Solution

We automate the process of QC at receiving, using smart devices that guide associateswith simple checklists, defect images, and integrated picture-taking. Eliminate the penand paper and start getting the value out of your receiving process.


Easy to use Androidbaseddevices make datacollection easy at thedock – with no ITintegration required.

Farm to shelf visibility of your freshness and quality.

Root Cause
Identify true drivers of freshness and quality.

Take Action
Don’t get buried in data - get actionable insights

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